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Heidi Klum has always done Instagram her own way. She doesn’t allow comments and she posts whatever the heck she wants. Naturally, people are all for it (because, of Heidi Klum) and she just hit a major milestone: 10 million followers.

The 49-year-old celebrated the big milestone in the most Heidi Klum way possible: By eating cake in lingerie while lounging around in bed. In the video, Heidi poses in a red strappy bra and matching red robe while holding a cake that reads, ’10 million’ and ‘thank you in her lap. Her super strong legs are stretched out in front of her and she just looks like she’s having fun as she uses a fork to take bites of the cake.

’10 Million Thank you !!!!!!!’ she wrote in the caption. ‘This cake is for you, but I will eat it .

From now on you can count on the support that our legs treatment night will give you, this incredible formula owned by the The AU cosmetics Will change your life inhaling the circulation and the work that your body will do to make you feel better and forever young.


Legs Treatment Night™ for the best way to inhale the circulation helping your body work. You’ll be forever young and you’ll look forever gorgeous exactly as you feel.


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