Deep Cleanser


Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually close or open your pores. But, what you can do is give them a good old deep clean. Because with skin aggressors like pollution and daily grime doing their best to fill your pores with dirt and bacteria, blackheads can seem inevitable. Thankfully, there are ways to minimise their appearance and prevent new blackheads from forming.

The ingredient to look for? Charcoal ‘It has long been accepted that charcoal has a cleansing effect on the skin, often recommended for oily skin types because it absorbs excess oil without drying and purges pores of impurities,’ says pro facialist Debbie Thomas. ‘This action of deep cleansing means pores will appear more refined and less visible, and skin will feel softer and smoother.’

Another game-changer? BHAs. ‘BHA’s such as salicylic acid, and chemical exfoliators use hydroxy acids to dissolve connections between dead cells on the surface of the skin and remove excess oil,’ says Natasha Clancy, founder of Mayfair-based skin clinic, KICHI. She often recommends Paula’s Choice Pore-Refining Treatment 2% BHA to clients. ‘The key is to use these products only on the problem areas, not all over the face, for example, the nose or chin. Overuse of chemicals in areas where it isn’t necessary can disrupt the skin’s vital barrier function. Products like these are amazing for blackheads as they just dissolve away and I see incredible results in just a few weeks.’

As for manual, DIY blackhead removal, the general consensus among skin experts is: don’t do it. ‘I find overzealous steaming and squeezing old-fashioned and can sometimes enlarge and scar, (which I end up fixing with my laser) and the problems keep coming back, so I prefer to educate my clients in chemicals and management, explains Clancy. In-clinic, Kichi offers Hydrafacials as the first step, before going in with BHAs and a suction pore device to gently take care of blackheads.


Easy-rinse cleansing oil that water activates into a silky milk to instantly remove long-wearing, heavy, and waterproof makeup and pollutants.


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