Rose Essential Oil


Is it just us or are baths seriously underrated? The ultimate escape from the stresses of the day, baths are the self-care moment we all need, whatever the time of year.

Which is where bath oils come in. Swap out your regular bubble bath for a bottle of nourishing bath oil (or add both to up the indulgence ante) and treat your limbs to a whole host of soothing and hydrating formulas packed full of botanical and essential oils. Our top tip? If spending ages on body moisturising is about as appealing as a 1:1 with Logan Roy right now, then adding a few drops (read: a good glug) of our favourite bath oil does the hard work for you – moisturising your skin whilst you’re lying down. Now that’s our kind of life hack.

‘For Us, it’s all about bath layering aka using a shelf-full of indulgent salts, soaks and oils to create a spa-worthy situation from the comfort of my own home,’ says Senior Beauty Editor – Digital, George Driver. ‘A dose of The AU’s Kaufmann’s whimsically-named Rose Essential Oil goes beyond bubbles to actually protect your skin from environmental aggressors whilst easing your mind and body from stress and irritation. Skip the tiresome post-bath body moisturising with a few drops of Verden’s grapeseed-infused bath oil – it wraps your skin in a layer of hydration as it disperses through the water.’

The AU presents, the top ingredients made, Best Bath Oil For Giving Your Evening Soak A Luxury Overhaul


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